What do we do?

Last Updated by Julian – December 2018

Our Raynet-UK activities cover four broad areas:

  • Providing radio communications where needed in real emergencies
  • Providing radio cover at events on behalf of the user services
  • Training events for group members
  • Taking part in practice exercises organised by the County Emergency Planning Team and the emergency services.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the history of Raynet, and national emergencies where Raynet have been involved, you’d do well to follow this link to the national Raynet website: Please come back here afterwards, though!

Although all of the user services have their own radio communications, these tend to be designed for ‘normal’ circumstances, and us being involved in events proves our capability and practices our training.

So, why do we do it? After all, being a Raynet-UK member can mean turning out of bed at some horrible hour on Sunday morning, to stand at the side of a road in the pouring rain and watch runners go past; It can mean sitting in the middle of the New Forest at three o’clock in the morning waiting for the last team of night-hiking Scouts to go past; It can even mean spending Christmas sober (yes, really!), when the group is put on standby in case predicted unusually high tides meant coastal villages have to be evacuated (if this is sounding fun already, you’d fit in well with us!).

But it’s also about doing something really useful with your amateur radio licence; It’s about honing your radio skills in situations where you can make a real difference; It’s about getting involved with things that you may have only seen as a spectator before; It’s certainly about meeting people you wouldn’t have met any other way. And most of all, it really IS fun!

It’s worth commenting that there are many things we don’t do, although of course as with all rules, there are some exceptions!

Raynet-UK members do not provide First Aid cover:
Although many of our members are qualified first aiders, and of course no-one would watch someone get injured and refuse to help. But first aid isn’t what we’re there for, and isn’t covered under Raynet-UK Public Liability Insurance.

Raynet-UK members are not traffic marshals:
We’re not trained to do it, and we’re not covered by either public liability or personal accident insurance when we do.