South West Hampshire Raynet Group


John and Margaret operating a checkpoint a 10k road race.

Last updated by Julian –¬†December 2018

This website exists to tell you all about the South West Hampshire Raynet group: The group is a local group of the Radio Amateur Emergency Network, covering the South West corner of Hampshire – roughly everything South and West of Winchester.

The Radio Amateur Emergency Network is a group of radio amateurs who provide emergency communications in times of need.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Raynet, you’d do well to follow this link to the national Raynet website: Please come back here afterwards, though!

If you are an Event Organiser and are interested in Raynet assisting with your event communications.
Please see our FAQ before contacting us here.

The areas adjacent to us are also covered by Raynet groups, with whom we have close links:

South East Hampshire Group

North West Hampshire Group

North East Hampshire Group

Dorset Raynet