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Joining us ? – What We need!

Can you stay cool, calm and collected under pressure?
Are you well organised?
Can you use your own initiative?
Can you read a map and get to a location?
Can you assist with passing information quickly, accurately and confidentially in a pressurised situation?

As mentioned in other pages, our main means of communication is via amateur radio for which our operators need to be licenced HOWEVER there are many other skills needed at an incident or event for instance: log keeping, using PMR radios, data inputting, handling written messages, strategic planning and logistical support.


In addition to radio we use various other technologies including satellite broadband, live video feeds, data communications and GPS tracking so there are many ways you could get involved.




What’s in it for YOU ?

As part of the RAYNET team:
When we are tasked, during times of need, you will have the opportunity to communicate information to and from the emergency services and principal local authorities, also work alongside other voluntary organisations such as Hampshire Search and Rescue (HANTSAR) and 4 x 4 response teams.

You will be playing a part providing communications and ensuring public safety within your local community and helping charities by assisting at their events.
This is when we exercise and practice our procedures, so ensuring we would be ready if called.

In addition to which, you may be called upon to assist other RAYNET groups within the UK.

You will have the opportunity to learn new skills in the use of technology and radio communication, including how these can be used in an communications emergency when additional resources are required..

You will be doing something ‘worthwhile’

Plus you’ll meet new people, make new friends and have fun !

Please contact us here to find out more and take a look at our past events page.

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