New Forest Marathon

Last Updated By Julian – 30 August 2018

For the New Forest Marathon as well as proving communications from the drinks stations and other points back to the race village, South West Hants Raynet will be providing real time tracking using GPS of the lead and tail for the full and half marathons via tracking website   Whilst this cannot give positions of runners { as some urban marathons provide } it gives some indication of progress.

If you access the tracking webpages outside of race day, you will not get relevant data.

The webpage will show the route with mile markers and drink station numbers
There will be other symbols on the map provided by Google which you can zoom in and out,
but a number in a square circle   is what you need to look for

2 – Will indicate the Full Marathon lead.

3 – Will indicate the Full Marathon tail.

4 – Will indicate the Half Marathon lead.

5 – Will indicate the Half Marathon tail.

Full Marathon Link

Half Marathon Link

Both Full and Half Marathon

A live display will also be available at registrations on the day.



Only for technical people…

If you just want to track one of the above,
you can go to the map at:
Full Marathon Link                    Half Marathon Link

and enter in the search box g7cta-x   – Where x = one of the numbers above.