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By | 30th March 2019


Our last event before the first lockdown caused by the C19 pandemic was the EGB Runway ride held in The New Forest on 1st March 2020 with our control again being located at Ocknell campsite.



The BHS Rockbourne horse ride was due to take place in April, unfortunately it had to be postponed until later in the year due to some very wet weather and eventually took place on 29 September 2019

Following an early start the event went well with no reportable incidents. – 6 Members took part with 3 from other groups







Our first user service event of the year{ NFDC } was on Sunday 3 March. 2019

This was a new event for the EGB “Runway” ride from Ocknell plain in the New Forest.

The caravan and new awning were deployed as the control on a very wet day.

– Similar to the EGB “Rufus” Ride which is held at the end of the year, rider locations were passed and for the first time we trialled entering data onto a ‘shared spreadsheet’ online, this worked well for those with data access.

9 of our members attended


Our Last Event of the year { NFDC }, The EGB Rufus New Forest Ride took place on 7 October.

This is a largish event with the main focus on transferring data: – In this case, horse numbers going past locations.  Again we used an “Ethercalc” spreadsheet.

The net coped well with the data flow and thankfully there were no reportable incidents.

As well as those who passed data, we had “observation points”, who also collected horse numbers so a “missing horse” could be tracked.

The caravan was taken to site the day before, to allow the aerial and control awning to be set up, as well as vital checks on some locations.

11 Group members took part along with 4 members from adjacent groups.

Prior to this, on the 8th September we attended the postponed BHS Rockbourne horse ride { NFDC }, this was the day before our biggest event of the year.  However 7 members agreed to volunteer for both days.

The event went well with no reportable incidents.

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