By | 3rd February 2021

A live internal group exercise took place on Thurs 14th June 2018. It took place in the north of The New

Forest with the Raynet caravan being control on Ocknell Plain.

This was a planned exercise from 1900 – 2130 with members able to join and leave.

It was based on a “live callout” such that members did not know where they were going, the only information was a section of OS Map posted to members = Map reading without use of GPS devices to do two tasks. The first position was passed to members via mobile phone text about 45 minutes before they were expected to arrive in the area.

a) Recovering messages which had been left in various locations – mostly old phone boxes.

b) Being sent to another location from control and recovering data at that area – such as last postal details from the post box or detail on a building.

Also during the exercise radio tests with the Raynet UHF repeater at Winchester took place. 11 members took part with another 4 monitoring from home location.







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